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500 hours

Since I’m settled into a normal and busy work life, there hasn’t been much change in my daily life which would have been of much interest. Anyways, I’ll just try to catch up with some of my work and personal life.

Lets start with work. I pretty much work anywhere between 4 to 7 days a week and around 8-12 hours a day. That largely depends on the amount of students and their stage of training. When I started here in Honolulu in May it was going pretty slow because we had not that many students which worked out perfect for me to get settled and to explore the new island. In June more students came in and in July and August we got so busy that I was working for 6 weeks straight, 12hrs a day and NO days off. What started out as a manageable high work load didn’t seem to stop to the point were I had to cancel flights because I was just feeling like a zombie. That was definitely a sign of being overworked and I changed my schedule so I would have at least one day off a week. Enjoying work, having motivated students and being able to decide when to work are the base to fill up your schedule to the point where you’re pretty much living at work and forget about your own sanity and finally safety. It is surprisingly hard to make a change even you’re in full control of your own schedule and aware of sliding right into a burnout. After all I managed to get my enjoyable work life balance back.


In the mean time I got signed off as a Check Pilot which allows me to perform stage checks for students. This is an interesting position since I need to evaluate if the student is ready for his or her next stage of training or checkride. Other than that the flying part of work is obviously a blast; chasing rainbows, landing at fun places, giving students engine failures and enjoying the best sunsets. The ground instruction and paperwork is getting repetitive but that’s the price and also not too bad…

I got asked several times how much longer I’m going to stay here in Hawaii. My work Visa is going to expire in February 2018 which means I won’t be able to stay any longer than that in the USA. I can’t tell yet if I’m going to stay all the time in Hawaii since that depends on how quickly I’m going to reach my 1000 flight hours and if there are any opportunities to move on to another job. Right now I got around 540 hrs of flight time and I estimate that I’ll reach my 1000 by July 2017… no concrete plans for the future yet.

Well, that took longer than expected and I’m going to wrap up my free time in the next post.


  • Hallo Oliver, short before your trip to Europe, I´ll send you a short message.
    Thank you very much for the very interesting informations regarding your work life in the last 500 hours.
    We are happy to laern, that you could manage not to run into a burnout! Be careful.
    About the question of your further stay in Hawaii, we should have a little time to talk during your stay in Europe.
    We wish you a good flight and manny happy landings. Best regards O.&O

    • Hi Dear Oliver,
      Although I will never know wherever you are now,I do believe that all of your friends will miss you.You will have no more pain.May God bless you,maybe miracles can happen,I still expect that you come back one day!

  • Oliver,

    I was saddened to hear of yours & Jeremy’s most un-fortunate events. As much as I would have liked to see you off with everyone else today, it was not possible. You both are in my thoughts and wishing you both are flying under the rainbows. I’ll be looking for you.


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