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One month ago I wrote about my new house and garden. One could think that 21 days are a short time which doesn’t mean that quite some things can change. Four days after my post I got asked if I wanted to move to our flight school in Honolulu. Since that was my plan to do at some point anyways I said: “Yes, shure! When do I start?”, “You start next Monday” was the answer. One week, that was all I got and I was stoked to go over there. Of course I felt a little sad about my lovely place in which I didn’t even live for one month but the need for a new adventure was bigger. My move to Honolulu I obviously did by a Cessna 172, good thing to have only a bicycle which fits perfectly in the baggage compartment.


Five days later I was sitting in my new office and couldn’t believe what just happened. I was living in the office for about 2 weeks while I was looking for a place to stay. My original plan to buy a boat and live on it didn’t work out since it is really hard to get a proper slip for it. By hard I mean the 1.5 year waiting list or an application form which seems to be more paperwork than paying taxes. After the boat on which I already test slept got sold I gave up on that project and looked for a room. I found one in town for a pretty good price and am living now 5min from the beach in a 2 room apartment with Max. Max is the first american I know who switches off all lights and electrical devices to save power. That’s a good thing! Beside that I’m having the best times over here, get to climb, surf, hike and all the good things. I could write a long list of why it is better to live and work over here but that won’t help anyone and thereby I just keep it simple: It’s incredible!


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  • Hallo Oliver, congratulations for your decision to go to your flight school in Honolulu. It is surely a very better place to live in with all the good possibilities of entertainment, sports and also work. We wish you mach fun with Max the saving American and for you much luck and good health.
    We are still in good condition and will drive to Chur next week for some days.
    With kind regards O.a.O.

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