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fly eat sleep repeat

Wow, time is flying by and I can’t believe that February is already gone. Right now I’m working with Erik on his IFR/CFII, with Bi on his Private and Daniel is going for his COM/CFI which is nice because it gives me a good mix between all the different skill levels. I got my first 30 hours of flight instruction done in which I learned probably more than in the last 200 hours of my training. But the flight hours are just a nice side effect of actually teaching people how to fly. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how a student without any experience after 3 hrs of training is suddenly able to fly the aircraft without constantly killing us. Instrument flights are a little less nerve-racking but I have wonderful views over the ocean, the clouds and all the whales and dolphins. Work-wise I couldn’t be more happy right now and beside the long days at school I get to enjoy my days off even more.

On my first day off I went by bus to Hilo to get my social security number. I took my bike with me and rode from Hilo back home over the saddle. This was an amazing 4 hour climb to 6800 feet trough lots of rain and nasty weather. The ride down on the other side in sunshine and with a tailwind was a blast.

Last week I cycled to Waimea and went for the breathtaking White Road hike into the valleys. Sadly I had not too much time for the hike since I underestimated the bike ride a little and I wanted to be back before sunset. Of course I had a flat tire on my way back and no repair patches. Luckily there is still some Macgyver left in me so I just fixed the tube with one of my shoelaces. This worked pretty well for the next 15 miles before the tube exploded but there were still 15 miles to go. Since I had the luck on my side, Erik passed me literally right in that moment and I had a Taxi back home, YES!

Saturday I decided to go up Mauna Kea by bike and hiking. For breakfast I got the classic “one pound sugar pasta”. With another 2 pounds of pasta, 4 liters of water and my backpack filled with batteries (yes, I took my e-bike for that tour otherwise I’d probably still be pedaling uphill) I started my trip. My back was hurting after 20 minutes and I wished to have a bike rack but luckily I was stubborn enough to continue. After 4 hrs I arrived at the visitor center at 9200 feet. I got a clapping welcome from some random people and had to take pictures with some Japanese tourists. My tour wasn’t finished at this point tough so I locked my bike, changed shoes and started my hike up to the top which took me about 2.5 more hours. Sitting up at 13800 feet, eating my pasta was an unbelievable feeling and only knowing to get all the way back made me feel a little uncomfortable. I hitchhiked down to the visitor center jumped on my bike and started my race against the sunset. That didn’t quite work out and I was riding the last hour in the dark and finally made it back home after 11 hours. What a day!

My living situation is the only thing which needs some improvement since I’m still couchsurfing at our house. I’m checking Craigslist for houses, condos or rooms but it’s pretty hard to get anything within a reasonable price range or not being too far away from the airport. Beside that I’m also looking for a van to live in but the same situation there. Keep on looking…


  • Hallo Oliver, thank you very much for the very interesting reports and pictures. It is great that you can use your bike so good – we didn`t know that you have an e-bike as well. But for that tours you undertake, it is probably the best solution fore an easier and faster progression. But please be careful by all your undertakings.
    We wish you further a very good time, good luck and a good health. Yours O.a.O

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