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Well, it has been quite a long time since my last post. That’s probably because I really got to work the first time in my life. The last three weeks I was working between 10-12 hrs each day and didn’t have a day off which was to be honest my own fault. So that’s what happend:

I sent the first time a student for his solo flight, which was pretty thrilling for both of us. Me standing on the ground not being able to intervene and my student in the helicopter trying not to kill himself. Ok, that’s a little exaggerated but expresses the feelings pretty accurate. In the end everything worked out very well and there was no reason to panic.

Erik, my first “real” student passed both his checkrides last week and is now finished with the program.
Other than that I had some wonderful early morning, night flights last week. Downside was to get up at 4am but the atmosphere flying over the island before sunrise was just wonderful.

Besides flying i was desperately looking for a place to live. One morning I found a Craigslist add for a brand new cottage just up the road. I thought to give it a shot and texted the landlord who invited me to visit it immediately. So I quickly got a proof of employment, jumped on my bike, went up the hill and arrived all sweaty. Rae showed me the house and I told him I’d take it right away and raced back to school. “Are you ready to move in tomorrow?” was the text I got 5 hrs later. There was no question of not taking the place but my schedule was so full the following days that I had to move in at 9 pm the next day which felt pretty weird but also extremely relieving at the same time. The next morning I asked Raphael (another instructor) if he wanted to take the second room. When I came home from work he was already comfortable sitting in his camping chair being all happy not having to live in a garage anymore. (There will be some pix soon, lost them some how)
“Unfurnished” was called the problem we were facing now which we solved with a weekend long pallet-furniture-construction-marathon. 40 dollars for hardware and about 20 pallets later we got all furnished up.

The other advantage of having my own place is to be able to host Couchsurfers again and get some trouble going on. I get run over by requests and could probably open a hostel…

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  • Hallo Oliver, it took some time to give you a response to your last post. It is very interesting to see, that you are full engaged with your job. So time passes very fast. But you can be proud of your work.
    On the other side it is very funny how you got your house – unfurnished! We are very interested to see pictures of your palled-funiture-constructions.
    In Berlin we have Springtime, but the weather is very cold and sunshine is rare. But nevertheless, life is going on. It will come again better times.
    Dear Oliver, we wish you good haelth, success in your job and always much fun.
    Kind regards from Berlin O.u.O

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