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let’s switch to english

Well, it’s now more than 12 months ago since I made my move to Hawaii and this should be reason enough to switch to English. The last months were a blast. Mid January Simon showed up and it was just amazing to show him around where I live, work, swim and bike. We cooked a lot, drunk a lot of good wine, talked and laughed even more. Sadly work started to kick in right at that moment, so I couldn’t spend every day with him but that’s life of a working person I guess, even in paradise 😉

Another amazing thing I did was getting my couchsurfing account set to my current address in Hawaii. There where 5 requests within 12hrs, which was pretty overwhelming. So my first couchsurfer in Hawaii was Sunny from Vancouver and she stayed with us for two weeks. That worked out pretty good, because Simon and Sunny could explore stuff together when I was at work. They also brought quite some life in our otherwise so helicopter and work related home.

Last Wednesday Simon left and I need to say that these 18 days changed a whole lot for me, in terms of “arriving” and living on the island. I got rid of the thinking and feeling, that I’m staying here for the “hour-building-purpose” only, which makes life even more enjoyable than it’s already. Anyway, Simon left but we got two new couchsurfers, which kept this life-feeling-change going on. Chuck, who was studying on the Virgin Islands and living on a moored boat as well as Cortney, on her way backpacking through New Zealand, joined us. This was just an amazing combo. Since I had to work during the days, we had to spend the evening together which resulted in a lot of beer, talking and laughing. Saturday I got everyone for her/his first helicopter flight, which is always fun and to make it even better, we got to a free Bonobo concert in the evening.

Monday Cortney left last of all my new friends and I fall suddenly back to reality of life (still in paradise). The same day, also Didi and Alwin came back from Europe, so I don’t have a room and won’t be able to host any couchsurfers right know which sucks, but also brings some more focus back to flying helicopter, which isn’t the worst thing. I can stay in the house as long I want, but I don’t want to live in the living room or even the garage. There are several possibilities but right now I’m eyeballing with a VW van parked in the yard.

To tell also about my flying progress, I got signed off to fly with all my students today which is pretty cool, since this is basically the achievement I was working for more than a year. So tomorrow I’ll have my first flight with my Chinese student Bi.

All in all, I want to thank Simon, Sunny, Chuck and Cortney for being all so awesome people and I couldn’t be more happy with my life right know. Fun fact: English seems to be a language where I can write longer and maybe more interesting posts…


  • Hallo Oliver, it is really interesting to switch to english now, although I had no experiance with the language for a long time. First of all, it is good to learn that you are very happy with your life for the present time.
    Thank you for the stories with your friends and the nice pictures.
    Do I understand you right, that you don`t want to stay in your house, but looking for a VW van instead?
    Now we wish you much success with the helicopter flights, good luck and good health. O.a.O. fom Berlin

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